This is ridiculous but paranoia is hitting me and I need to let this out

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Interviewer:For people who haven't listened to you guys, why should people see The Maine?
Jared:Because we're not Justin Bieber.
Anonymous what do you mean by coley is kinda like justin? ---different anon

Coley plays guitar/piano/backing vocals for WTK but he’s also the lead singer of another band just like how Justin plays guitar/backing vocals for ARTTM and sings for Brighten.

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Anonymous do you know if Coley and Charles are official members of WTK?

Charles is, he confirmed it months ago. I’m not completely sure about Coley though. I think he’s official, he’s kinda like Justin with ARTTM and Brighten. 

Haha I hope you see this, I bet you asked this days ago.

Anonymous bet you only like danny because they were there

I don’t get it…?


Danny Duncan singing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (We The Kings live in Manila 2012)


My Danny Story

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Some guy on Youtube pretends to be Harry Styles and prank calls this dumb girl. I’m crying because this was so funny, you all need to watch this.


Pioneer (Taken with instagram)

Pioneer (Taken with instagram)

Macho men (Taken with instagram)

Macho men (Taken with instagram)

I can’t stay calm while watching Austin Gibbs interviews. OH MY GOD. TOO ATTRACTIVE FOR MY LIFE. SHET. DFVDFVOKDFVKODFVOKDFVDOFKVDC,

❝ I play dirty but I don’t bite.
— Austin Gibbs

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